Introducing Noddler
The first app that really kicks ass

Enough said

Why write a text message if all you want to do is kick your friend's ass? Or kiss your girlfriend?

Turn words into action

Slap your friends in the face or pat them on the back. Hold your girlfriend's hand or shoot her to the moon.

Incredibly easy to use

Choose a contact, set an action and shake your iPhone. Your friend hears and sees instantly what you are doing, thanks to Apple's Push Notifications.

Noddler Screen Noddler Screen
  • Connect to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and
  • Choose between 40 different actions – each with a unique sound
  • Share the fun and optionally publish an action on Facebook, Twitter and
  • Reach and manage your favorites quickly
  • Mute individual users temporarily
  • Invite your friends within the app
  • Trigger actions quickly by swiping or shaking
  • Keep track of recent actions in the History


I unlocked a pack. Can I use the included actions on all of my connected friends?

Yes. All actions can be received without any purchase.

How can I enable/disable posting actions on Facebook/Twitter/

Just tap on a network key on the lower end of the send screen to enable automatic posting. Tap the same key again to disable posting. The state is automatically preserved.

Does a contact know that I muted him/her?

Yes. You can mute a contact temporarily or forever. When a muted contact tries to send you an action, he/she will be informed that you don’t want to be disturbed.

Can I send an action to a contact I muted?

No. That wouldn’t be fair.

I get notified when one of my friends joined Noddler. Can I turn that off?

Yes. You can adjust this setting by going to: Friends > Connect-Button > Notifications.