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New Version 3.0 for Macintosh.
M! 3.0 for Windows and iOS available soon.


Proven Functionality

After more than 18 years experience with our application, we carried the proven functionality and workflow over to the new version of M!.

Easiest diagramming of scalings
Graphically (with mouse or pad).
Calculated (broken scales, addition constants, etc.).

Comfortable analysis of existing scalings
Numerical input of scalings.
Import of scalings from other applications.

New Ideas

M! 3.0 contains lots of innovative and new functionality. This makes working with M! even easier and more productive.

Single window for all views
The three views are continuously synchronized. Entering values in the spreadsheet is instantly reflected in the graphic view.
Mac OS X's full screen mode is supported, of course.

DXF Export of diameter scales
M! enables you to export diameter values as 2D DXF files. The diameter values are written to a DXF file as circles (incl. center point). These standard DXF files are readable by most CAD applications.

Scaling everywhere

For the first time, M! runs not only on Macs and PCs, but also on iPhone and iPad.

Easy File Exchange
Files are interchangeable between Mac, Windows and iOS over Dropbox, iCloud Drive or, for instance, eMail.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer.

Available soon.

Available soon.


(We'll send you an eMail when there are news about M!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to import M! 2.0 files?
Yes. M! 3.0 is able to import legacy files from M! 2.0. However, since M! 3.0 saves data in a new format, it's not possible to read M! 3.0 files with M! 2.0.

When will the Windows version be available?
The exact date for the release of the Windows version isn't set, yet. However, we try to release M! 3.0 for Windows in 2015. Feel free to subscribe to news about M! 3.0.

When will the iOS version be available?
The release of the iOS version planned for summer 2015. Feel free to subscribe to news about M! 3.0.

Does the iOS version have the same functionality as the Mac/Windows versions?
The iOS version of M! is able to read and write M! 3.0 files. Editing in the graphic view will be not as full featured as in the Mac/PC version. Data entry and analysis in the spreadsheet, however, are the same as in the Mac/PC version.

I bought M! 2.0. Is there an upgrade option for M! 3.0?
Yes. If you already have a serial number for M! 2.0, you can update to M! 3.0 at a reduced upgrade price. Click here for the respective page in the online store.
If you bought M! 2.0 after 1/1/2015, you're eligible for a free upgrade to M! 3.0. Please contact our directly in this case.

Where can I get support?
Please contact our support here.

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